The definition of chronemics as stated by the wikipedia as

 the study of the use of time in nonverbal communication.

 The way we percieve time, structure time and react to time

is a powerful communication tool. Depending upon where

 an individual is from, their perception of time might be

that "the a clock rules the day" or that "we'll get there

 when we get there."Improving prospects for success in the

 global community requires understanding cultural

 differences,  certain traditions and communication styles.

 Earlier research shows  that a cultural rule : important

people with high status can keep others waiting . while on

the other hand the lower your status the more punctual you

should be for a meeting. a more recent study from levine &

 Norenzayan, 1999,Richmond & McCroskey 1995b) insist that

 time and status are related. ex.( it is common for an

individual to wait a long time for a doctor)  this is a prime

example of chronemics at work. Chronemics is a common

 practices and is used widely in everyday life. In a grocery

 store a manager may spend more time with an employee

 who has potential to excel in the company rather than

someone who is an average employee. Time expectations

also are made a factor by social norms for example if an

  individual works from 9 to 5  he or she is inclined to start

 gathering their things around 4:50  and be less productive

 in the last several minutes  which is a common practice at

 work and school.Chronemics is a global practice and is

 interpruted differently depending on location.